Dear Sir,
I am Dr. Mrs Diezani Alison-Madueke; erstwhile Minister of Petroleum Resources in Nigeria, from 2010 to 2015. Unfortunately, I have been hospitalized in UK and now USA since middle of 2015 due to a serious medical condition.
I have $9Million that I need your assistance to relocate to safety in Asia.
I accumulated the fund by inflating some contracts awarded during my time as Minister of Petroleum.
Though the fund was properly documented as a due payment for the turnaround maintenance of a petroleum loading terminal in Rivers state Nigeria, the safest way I could take possession of it was and remains to have it sent out of the country.
So I used my position as the Petroleum minister to personally approve the fund for payout, hence it has been floating freely in the CenBank system pending when I am ready to take possession of it.
Now I am ready to do that, which is why I am making this contact with you today. I want to work with you to transfer and receive this $9million in your bank account.

As I pointed out earlier, I have the necessary documents supporting the status of the fund as a legal and overdue contract payment, already approved and paid out by the Petroleum Ministry.
I specially registered a shell company on which name the fund was legally paid out by the Petroleum Ministry, and all documents secured from government agencies regarding the fund, meet all international financial laws and scrutiny anywhere in the world. So you have no cause to worry.
You`ll keep 12-prcent of the fund as compensation, while the remaining belongs to me, of which I may need you to invest the bulk of it into real estate, till such time when I am hale and able.

What is most important to me now is to have urgent access to the fund to enable me get the needed medical help. The intensity and quality of my treatment has been greatly reduced by the clinic in recent times as I am unable to make the necessary payments. I need to move out the fund without delay.
Lastly, let me quickly point out there is nothing ignoble about the way I acquired this fund; everybody in important public position anywhere in the world uses that position for personal development.
So I wait for your email to enable me provide you with more details on how we move forward.

My sincere regards,

Dr. Mrs. D. Alison-Madueke
Tel: +1914-977-5901

November 5, 2017


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